HTC Directors’ Q&A at SAG Foundation

Watch directors J. Richey Nash and Darin Anthony discuss Hitting the Cycle at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in Los Angeles! The Q&A, moderated by Dennis Baker, directly followed a presentation of the movie as part of the Foundation's Independent Feature Film Screening Series. CLICK HERE to view the SAG Foundation's video of the event on YouTube!



Game Plan

Rip, a pro baseball player near the end of his career, returns to his long-forgotten hometown to face his fractured past and discover a life beyond the diamond.




A few years ago, Major League baseball player Jimmy “Rip” Ripley was at the top of his game. But now he finds himself back in the minors after a debilitating knee injury has left him struggling to make it back to the “show.” Caught off-guard by the news that his club is cutting him, he also receives word that his estranged father is gravely ill. With nowhere else to turn, Rip reluctantly revisits his long-forgotten hometown to finally come face-to-face with the father he hasn’t seen or spoken to since he was eighteen years old.


Rip finds things different upon his return. His brother has married and started a family, and his mother has passed away. Some things, however, have remained the same. James Ripley, Sr. is still head coach of the perennial state champion high school baseball team and the town is still obsessed with baseball, so much so that its residents have turned a collective blind eye to the problem drinking that led to James’ one-way ticket to the hospital ward.


As Rip musters the courage to face James, he reconnects with his brother and establishes a bond with Samantha, an old high school acquaintance. Through these relationships, Rip begins to understand the choices, opportunities and sacrifices that people confront when they outlive the life of their dreams.


After nearly giving up on his career, Rip is offered a last-chance contract to once again play pro ball. On the verge of leaving town, Rip finally visits James and the two confront the rift that destroyed their relationship years before. At a crossroads, Rip must decide between holding onto his resentment or granting the gift of forgiveness. But in the end, who is it that he really needs to forgive?